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  1. Svfiles + source Nedoria2 Download: [Hidden Content]
  2. oneX

    New Target

    Version 1.0.0


    New target system
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Vegas manager bank system
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Aledra global ranking
  5. Version

    1 download

    Oswap multilanguage
  6. oneX

    Chatting Window Renewal

    Download: [Hidden Content]
  7. oneX

    Teleport Window

    This project provides you Teleport Window for your Metin2 server. Download: [Hidden Content]
  8. oneX

    Kill Statistics

    This project provides you Kill Statistics for your Metin2 server. Download: [Hidden Content]
  9. oneX

    Distance Shopping

    This project provides you Distance Shopping for your Metin2 server. Download: [Hidden Content]
  10. oneX

    Daily Reward

    This project provides you Daily Reward for your Metin2 server. Download: [Hidden Content]
  11. oneX

    Channel Switcher

    This project provides you fully working Channel Switcher for your server for your Metin2 server. Download: [Hidden Content]
  12. oneX

    Special Storage

    Special storage by Maku full 0 bugs Download: [Hidden Content]
  13. oneX

    Refine Ability

    This project provides you Refine Ability for your Metin2 server. It is passive skill that increases percentage for refining (using Blacksmith or Scroll). Skill is increased by “Refine Manual” book. There is a maximum of 10 levels (+30%). Each level adds +3% to success. There are configuration files for almost everything. Download: [Hidden Content]
  14. oneX

    Afterdeath Shield

    This project provides you shield after respawn that protects you against damage for your Metin2 server. Good for all server types. When player has a shield, he is immune to all damage. Shield stays for 15 seconds (duration is configurable). If player hits while his shield is active he looses that shield. Download: [Hidden Content]
  15. oneX

    Affect Items+

    This project provides you infinite, permanent and turnable Affect Items for your Metin2 server. This feature works for all items with subtype USE_AFFECT. There is also active effect on slot. Download: [Hidden Content]
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