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  1. Nume: Varsta: Oras: Detii/Ai detinut un server de metin2? Daca da, numele: Detii/Ai detinut un server pentru alte jocuri? Daca da, numele: Cunostinte in limbaje de programare (C++,Py, Php etc): Prestezi servicii contra cost?(Instalare Sisteme, Rezolvare bug-uri/exploit-uri, Fix-uri, Design etc): Contact: English version Name: Age: City/Country: Do/did you own a metin2 server? If yes, the name: Do/did you own a server for other games? If yes, the name: Knowledge in programming languages (C++, Py, Php etc): Do you provide services for a fee?(Installing systems, Fixes for Bugs/Exploits, Design etc): Contact:
  2. As you already know, in windows 10 you can't use a non Microsoft controller (xbox), to avoid buying a new Microsoft controller I have this program that fools windows to see your playstation controller like a xbox one, easy to use and with a uninstaller in case you don't like it. Used this program with a PS3 Controller to play Snow Runner and it worked perfectly fine. - DualShock3 compatible - All controls works How to use: 1. Connect your controller with cable. 2. Run "ScpDriver.exe", press install. 3. Restart your PC. 4. Run "ScpServer.exe" Link: [Hidden Content] Total Virus: [Hidden Content]
  3. This installer has 4 advantages compared to the original setup.exe: 1. This installer supports install vista and win7 in the xp based winpe. 2. You can install the OS directly onto a USB external hard drive. 3. You can choose which partition to put the bootmgr and bcd manually, which can prevent putting the boot files onto usb disks when booting winpe from usb. 4. If you install win7/2008 with setup.exe from winpe, the OS partition will occupy C:/ no matter which partition you choose. With this installer, you can decide which letter to be used for the OS partition in Windows. Attention: 1. If you install vista or 2008 with this installer, the windows partition will occupy d:. 2. After installing the OS on a USB hard drive, you are recommended to open the write cache of the hard drive in device manager. 3. If you want to plug the usb OS to another PC, please run \Windows\System32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown After the shutting down the computer, you can plug the hard disk to another computer. Link: [Hidden Content] Total Virus: [Hidden Content]
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